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2016-2017 Theme - Leadership, Service, Engagement

Advisor Spotlight

Alisha Kellett is the HOSA Chapter Advisor at Deltona High School, which is also her alma mater.  After high school, Ms. Kellett attended and graduated from Stetson University in DeLand, Florida.  Her niece, Calea, and nephew, Colton, are the the apples of her eyes!  Ms. Kellett enjoys shopping, traveling, attending sporting events (high school, college, and professional), and getting to spend time with her family and friends.  She is beginning her 15th year as a teacher at Deltona High School and has been actively involved with HOSA and Health Science the whole time!  She holds several leadership positions within her school and enjoys the opportunities that have been granted by her school and district administration.

Ms. Kellett has served on the Florida HOSA Board of Directors since 2001 and was the Board Co-Chairperson from 2007 – 2009.  She is again serving as the current Board Co-Chairperson for the 2013 – 2015 term.  In addition to all her other responsibilities, Ms. Kellett has also been the Judge Coordinator for our State Leadership Conference and for the National Leadership Conference when it is being held in Orlando.

The best times that Ms. Kellett has with her HOSA members are when she attends the National Leadership Conferences because she has more “time” to spend with her students in the various host cities across the U.S.  However, outside the State and National Conferences, she does get to spend time with her students when participating in various community service events, college visits, school activities, job shadowing experiences, mock disasters, etc.  Ms. Kellett and her students have always found “time” to get to know one another better by playing “fun” games, sharing life experiences, and attending off-site educational and leadership events.

Ms. Kellett believes students should join HOSA to gain real-world life experiences, leadership training, community service hours, internships and job-shadowing opportunities, and…they will gain LIFE-LONG FRIENDSHIPS with individuals who have the same goals and career interests as they do!  She has noticed that, by far, some of her MOST involved former HOSA members over the years are the same ones she can rely on to chaperone events, volunteer to guest speak, assist as judges for events, and meet for lunch/dinner throughout the year!

Thank you, Ms. Kellett, for all you do to support HOSA!!