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State Southern Vice-President, Postsecondary

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School: Indian River State College

Favorite Subject in School: History

Favorite Food: Chicken and pasta

Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots

Hobbies: Football, Foosball, UFC

Pet Peeve: People who add ingredients to my cooking without asking

For 24 Hours, I Would Love to Trade Places With: Georges St-Pierre

If I had a Million Dollars, I Would: Invest the money in a clinic to provide better equipment for patients

My Most Embarrassing Moment: Almost missing a class field trip by sleeping late and having the class come to my house to get me

Greatest Personal Accomplishment: Being where I am today

Future Discovery Anticipated Most: The eradication of genetic conditions

Career Goals: To gain knowledge and experinece from diversified environments and use that to open a practice of my own

Favorite Quote: “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”   -Plato

I Love HOSA Because: of the skills it helps me develop, and the people and places I get involved with