VSLC 2021

March 25 - 28

The 2021 SLC will be going virtual in order to guarantee the health and safety of our Florida HOSA family as we all do our part to keep this pandemic under control.  A VSLC agenda will be made available and posted here, along with other VSLC information.  The on-line registration deadline will remain February 16th with forms and payment sent to the Florida HOSA State Office with a postmark of February 19th or before.  The registration fee is $40 per person; advisors must also register (at no charge) if they have members participating.  Please be sure to see the “IMPORTANT DEADLINES” document below, in addition to the “SLC Checklist” for assistance.

Exhibitors (Sponsors/Supporters)

During the Florida HOSA Virtual State Leadership Conference, we will be having a Virtual Expo and Career Fair where advisors and members can visit the VSLC Sponsors/Supporters Page here on on our state website and click on each organization’s/company’s logo to visit their website or contact one of their representatives for more information!  If your organization or company is interested in participating/”exhibiting” during the Florida HOSA VLSC, please download the Sponsorship Policy and the Expo Sponsorship Registration Form and send the completed form, logo, and payment to the Florida HOSA State Office so they are received on or before March 8th.

Getting Prepared Overview

Affiliate & Register

Remember that to compete in Conferences a student must be Affiliated as a Hosa member and then Registered for the respective conference.

Regional Conference

After Affiliation and Registration, a Member must prepare to compete in their Regional Conference.

State Leadership Conference

If a Member does well in their Regional Conference they will be able to register for the State Leadership Conference!!!

The Tallo website WILL BE USED for Secondary and Postsecondary competitors to submit items for the VSLC (Please review modified event guidelines and visit www.hosa.org/tallo for more information). Middle School members will use the Florida HOSA VSLC Google Site (https://sites.google.com/flhosa.org/flvslc2021/) to submit items. All items must be uploaded before March 2nd.

Some events must have a link to a recorded presentation uploaded before March 2nd; be sure to check the modified event guidelines on the Florida HOSA VSLC Google Site (link: https://sites.google.com/flhosa.org/flvslc2021/competitors/modifications-uploads).

Below, please click on the document links for information to help advisors get their chapters registered for the State Conference, as well as providing additional details for you and your members to have a fun and exciting experience!  The Memo Letter and SLC On-line Registration Instructions offer more thorough information about participating in the State Leadership Conference.  Be sure to check out the VSLC Schedule and CE Summary Chart document and the IMPORTANT DEADLINES document (the deadline to register for the conference is February 16th), in addition to the other files.  Start making plans now to participate in the highlight of the Florida HOSA Year – our Annual State Leadership Conference!


State Officer Challenge for Foundation Scholarship!

Select challenge before March 22nd; click above to see details!


Memo Letter

VSLC Schedule and CE Summary Chart


VSLC On-line Registration Instructions

VSLC Checklist (complete and include in packet that is sent to the Florida HOSA State Office postmarked by February 19th)

Competitor Security and Ethical Code of Conduct

Eligibility Forms (for designated events only, download only the form you need)

Competitive Event Updates (general updates from National HOSA which were posted to their website in August 2020)

Voting Delegate Information and Election Procedure

Competitive Event Judge Sign-up Information

State Officer Candidate Application (Postmark Deadline Date – 1/30/21)

State Officer Election Guidelines

“Rookie” Advisor Recognition Form

Local Advisor Recognition Form

Penny Wars rules

Florida HOSA Foundation Scholarship Application

Future SLC Dates and Locations

SLC 2022 - SLC 2024 will be held at the Marriott Orlando World Center

SLC 2022

SLC 2022 will be held April 9 - 12 at the Marriott Orlando World Center

SLC 2024

SLC 2024 will be held April 4 - 7 at the Marriott Orlando World Center

SLC 2023

SLC 2023 will be held April 13 - 16 at the Marriott Orlando World Center

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