Keyshawn Davis

Pet Peeve


For 24 Hours, I Would Love to Trade Places With

A MS-4 medical school student.

If I had a Million Dollars, I would

give $100,000 to my sister, spend $300,000 on medical school, give $200,000 for my mom to go to nursing school, put $200,000 into investments, and use $200,000 for a house.

My Most Embarrassing Moment

Splitting my pants during a spelling bee; I was so excited I jumped up and landed...wrongly.

Greatest Personal Accomplishment

Being Valedictorian.

Future Discovery Anticipated Most

the advancement of smart inhalers that monitor current dosages and administered times to progress patient care.

Career Goals

I want to be a medical doctor, pharmaceutical physician, and the Surgeon General.

Favorite Quote

"No matter how dark it gets, the sun always rises eventually and starts a new day." -D. Nichole King

I Love HOSA Because

HOSA has enabled me to be in contact with friends and mentors; I've been able to broaden me perspectives on an international level!