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Advisor/Teacher Resources

Activities - Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s BioInteractive has teacher guides, activities, videos and podcasts on several topics - Games in Forensics, CSI; teacher and student sections  -Crime scene investigation - Forensics games - interactive online simulations in science and teacher activity ideas

Career and Technical Education (CTE) / FACTE / HOEAF - FACTE/HOEAF Membership Form - CTE Online with lessons on various CTE areas developed by California – health Skills Standards from the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education - Association for Career and Technical Education’s website


Careers - Oklahoma Health Care Workforce Center, resources for students, educators, how to prepare for a career - Health Workforce Information Center with info on specific careers, scholarships, etc.


Funding - can search for grants/fellowships but also workshops, seminars, etc. - search for grants, also has lesson plans by subject for K-12 - can search for grants by subject, grade, etc. - search for grants for K-12 – free online directory of foundations nationwide; can search by zip code - search for non-profits nationwide; can search by state, keyword


Lesson plans - National Institute of General Medical Sciences site offers a ton of Resources for students and teachers under Science Education - TES is a United Kingdom site with many resources for teachers on a variety of subjects, including science; lesson plans, classroom activities; is the TES for the United States with lesson plans, quizzes, PowerPoint Presentations, etc. - Teach.Genetics – Genetic Science Learning Center - Through FLDOE: Share and obtain lesson plans, Florida standards information, etc.  - National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Specialized Information Services’: K-12 Science and Health Education- lesson plans, etc. - Browse lesson plans; also plan, organize & share your lessons and - National Institutes of Health’s Teaching Supplements – Supplement for Middle School - National Library of Medicine lesson plans introducing Forensics, Anthropology, etc.; can search for other lessons- “Changing Face of Medicine”, etc. – For lessons on various subjects and for Science lessons, including health - American Association for the Advancement of Science links - Teacher resources related to environmental health, disease - Videos and lessons for all grades - Lessons, activities, crossword puzzles - The Annenberg Foundation has many resources like “The Brain: Teaching Modules”, also resources for students - Teachers can create a free account to access lesson plans & videos on various subjects & grades - Human Anatomy & Physiology with Medical Terminology; Free-ed has various courses in allied health - Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence: curricula and resources on teen & domestic violence; contacts of local agencies by county providing services and speakers - Integrated Curriculum from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, lesson plans, etc. - Articles for K-8 students that are Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards aligned - Open educational resources for teachers for various subjects and grades - Lessons and other resources for CTE teachers - Personal Genetics Education Project lesson plans and other resources - Smithsonian Institution resources; - Peace Corps lesson plans site also offers an opportunity to invite a Peace Corps volunteer who has returned as a guest speaker - DNA Interactive, download 15 lesson plans through the Teacher Guide – Health and Science Pipeline Initiative (HASPI), a State of California Initiative with curricula for Middle and High School, such as Medical biology, Medical chemistry, etc. - National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science: teacher resources – free lesson samples: Health Science cluster of the Oklahoma Department of Career & Technology Education - MIT’s Mind and Hand Alliance; using of Legos to teach science

Health Science Integrated Projects through STEM transitions: - access to resources in Health Science, STEM, etc. and integrated classroom projects

Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine’s 9th Grade Curriculum: - NSF Classroom Resources - BrainU is a neuroscience program for K-12 teachers - Search for lesson plans: different grades and subjects - various experiments and lesson plans in neuroscience - Baylor College of Medicine’s science teaching resources with lessons, videos, free courses for educators – website supported by the Biochemical Society found at and located in the U.K.; both sites have many lessons for various grades - downloadable Learning Guides on several topics: Hematology, Kidney, Protein, etc. - UK’s Centre of the Cell with many resources


Online Courses - VCN Online Courses; offers high school and college level non-credit online courses; offers specialized courses such as Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, etc. –also links to great sites with high school coursework

Institute of Healthcare Improvement Open School: - case studies, audio & video files, leadership profiles; free courses for students; free sample lessons on leadership in healthcare, patient safety, etc. - Human Anatomy & Physiology with Medical Terminology; Free-ed has various courses in allied health - Free online courses for subjects – anatomy, math, business and can earn college credit - National Repository of Online Courses offers AP and high school courses and college level courses - A great resource for teachers and students alike with free online university courses on many subjects; e-books; textbooks; audio books; science videos, movies (silent, documentaries, etc.) and others. - Online courses in math, science, social sciences, etc. - Free college level courses online


Professional Development - resources regarding various online credits and education programs


Research - UF Health Science Libraries Guides on various topics with many resources; – Consumer Health


Resources - Katy Schrock’s Guide to Everything; she’s an educational technologist who has various resources like apps, etc. - National Consortium of Health Science Education - Advanced Learning Technologies in Education Consortia is a project at the University of Kansas and offers various teacher tools - Websites with various tools for classroom - National Science Teachers Association free resources, also has other free resources: - e-Media from the Utah Education Network can search various media on various subjects and for different grades - Canvas is a free tool for teachers to connect with students and parents, manage courses, track student progress, students have access to materials on various devices, integrate the use of videos, blogs, etc. - Access Excellence has many resources – Teacher resources - Internet Public Library - Health Workforce Information Center with info on specific careers, scholarships, etc. - American Society for Microbiology teaching resources - info on various career tracks in lab science; links with teacher resources and links for students; uzzles

BioscienceEdNet: - digital library portal for learning in the biological sciences with many resources by topic, grade, etc. - rates educational apps, websites and digital curricula; rating is for learning value and also teachers can rate - directory of educational tools – games, apps, worksheets, etc. reviewed by parents and teachers, many are free - Science Educator’s resources and other websites - Real World Learning Objects (RWLO) Resource Library - Scientific American list of great resources

The American Society For Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education Resources:

          K-12 resources; - more online resources - listing of thousands of links on various subjects - Science Education Research Center at Carleton College – K-12 activities and resources, etc.


STEM and Biotechnology - Interactive videos; educators are provided with guides North Carolina STEM Center links in science - Bio-Link enhances biotechnology education and offers resources for students, industry partners, learn about biotech degrees & certificates and through it - Biotech clearinghouse and resources - North Carolina Biotechnology Center with many resources, including:].pdf - Biotech Career Pathways guide for parents, students & educators – is the life science industry association - Florida BioScience and Education Training Resources for students, etc. – UK’s national STEM Centre with resources and curriculum - has some educator, student and employer resources


Technology - Tech Learning: many resources and ideas supporting the use of technology - Atomic Learning provides technology training for teachers and schools - Educational Technology Clearinghouse through the Center for Instructional Technology at College of Education, Univ. of South Florida. Offers free clip art, royalty-free photos, presentation backgrounds and buttons, lesson plans. The site offers many other resources.

       From above site teachers can to - Tech-Ease (for all your classroom needs). The website is by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology at College of Education, Univ. of South Florida - - Technology in the classroom (Classroom Management Q&A) - Professional Development for CTE teachers

National Teacher Training Institute: - lessons and other resources; – Digital File Management in the Classroom - Teachers can send messages for free to parents and students - used by teachers to obtain responses from students and monitor progress assess students, monitor progress, etc.


Video and Audio - Allied Health Occupations for Young Adults podcast - Clinical Skills Videos online  – Nursing Assistant video Lessons (by the Wisconsin Technical College System) - TED Ed video lessons on various subjects


Vocabulary - Videos teaching vocabulary and word use