Affiliation is the process of “affiliating” the student with Global and Florida HOSA.  Thus making them HOSA members. 

Registration is the process of “registering” members for a HOSA Conference.

Members can compete in one competitive event while also participating in one recognition level event. A member cannot participate in two competitive type events or two recognition level events.

While the official deadline is pretty late into the school year, however only Affiliated students are able to participate in Conferences. 

Thus, the deadline to affiliate students is before your Regional Conference registration closes.  If you Affiliate after the registration closes then your students will not be able to compete at all for that school year.

National and State dues are both sent to the address in Texas at the top of your invoice.

Go to the bottom of this page: https://www.flhosa.org/about-us/state-officers/

Read all of the attached literature there for a clear answer.

It’s rather simple!

Just follow the 4 step process on this page: https://www.flhosa.org/resourcespublications/starting-a-chapter/

The Chapter Advisor will register Affiliated members for a conference at: apps.hosa.org

SLC Questions

Members that place at the top of their respective competition in their region are allowed to move on to SLC.

The rankings will from now on be posted in the Florida HOSA App at SLC.

Family is welcome at Florida HOSA’s SLC! The Advisor simply has to register them for SLC in the National HOSA System.

Every school is allowed to bring one Courtesy Core member to SLC. 

Yes, Florida HOSA requires that all competitors have a photo id to show prior to competing.

If you do not have a photo ID, you can fill out the second page in this PDF: http://www.hosa.org/sites/default/files/HOSA%20APPENDIXH2019.pdf

If this is filled out correctly, the page will be able to substitute for a lack of having a photo ID.

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