How to Start a Chapter!

Step 1

Find an Advisor!

Step 2

Contact the Florida HOSA State Office and the National HOSA Office

Step 3

Advertise First Meeting and Recruit Potential Members

Step 4

Affiliate Members (Including the Chapter Advisor)

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While pride is taken in the fact that our organization is “student-led,” an adult will need to serve as the Chapter Advisor.  Usually this is the Health Science instructor at a school, but it could easily be another teacher or even the school nurse.  More information regarding the responsibilities of a Chapter Advisor may be found in Section C of the HOSA Handbook: Guide to Organizing and Managing a HOSA Chapter.  Once a Chapter Advisor has been secured, at least 5 members will need to be recruited to get started.

We want to know that you have established a brand new HOSA Chapter so we can make sure you get the support you need!  The Chapter Advisor should call or e-mail the Florida HOSA State Office so we can collect your school’s  contact information to ensure that you receive all communication from our office.  We will also put you in touch with the Regional Advisor of your area.

The Chapter Advisor will also need to contact the National HOSA Office (800-321-HOSA [4672]) to obtain a charter number and password.  This information is used to access the on-line Affiliation System through the National HOSA website.  This system is used to affiliate members, register for conferences, view account balances, and print your membership directory.  More detailed instructions regarding the system are available once you have logged-in.

Set a date and location for your first HOSA Chapter Meeting and let the other students in your school know about it!  Posters, morning announcements, Facebook…get the word out!  HOSA is open to any student that has an interest in healthcare.  As your classmates begin to hear about the fun and excitement that HOSA members are having while getting a head start on honing their healthcare skills and developing their leadership skills, they will probably want to join also – the snowball Effect!

The Chapter Advisor will now need to start a list after the first meeting to gather the names of those students that would like to join HOSA.  It is highly advised that all health science students become members of HOSA as it is important to integrate HOSA into the classroom so all students can take advantage.  A deadline to submit dues should be given and after that date, the Chapter Advisor should enter the new members’ names into the Affiliation System.  Additional members may be added at a later time, if needed.

You have now established an active HOSA Chapter and are ready to soar!  You will want to think about electing Chapter Officers, organizing fundraisers, preparing for a competitive event, getting involved in the community, etc.  There are many resources on the National HOSA website ( and Florida HOSA website to help your chapter out.  Don’t forget about our newsletter; you can let us know how your chapter is making a difference!

For Additional Details – Establishing a HOSA Chapter

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