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2016-2017 Theme - Leadership, Service, Engagement

Middle School Division

HOSA – Future Health Professionals is designated as a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO).  The Middle School Division of HOSA is for students in Grades 6-8 who are interested in a health care career and has been specifically designed to meet the needs of these talented students!

HOSA – Future Health Professionals provides a unique program that helps the individual with LEADERSHIP SKILLS, PHYSICAL, MENTAL, and SOCIAL ENHANCEMENT, EMPLOYMENT, JOB PREPARATION, SELF-WORTH, MOTIVATION, AND EMPOWERMENT!

The Middle School Division allows students the opportunity to learn more about the health care field.  This information can be used to define a possible future occupation, and the skills learned can be used for a lifetime!  HOSA programs are taught in middle and high schools, regional vocational/technical centers, community colleges and universities throughout Florida, the nation, and internationally.

Since its inception in 1978, Florida HOSA has grown steadily serving both employers and the educational community. Membership has grown close to 15,000 (the second largest HOSA State Association in the nation!) with a projected continued increase during the current school term.  Over 200,000 members are involved nationally and worldwide in this worthwhile training as a vital part of their exploration of, and preparation for, a career in the health field!  Florida was the FIRST state to have a Middle School HOSA Division and we are serving as the MODEL FOR THE NATION!



            Three new competitive events have been added to the International (formerly National) Category Events – Medical Reading, Knowledge Test: Nutrition, and Knowledge Test: Health Career Exploration.  We will still have five events in the State Category Events (please see below), plus events in the Recognition Category for a total of 20 Middle School events from which to choose!  On the HOSA website, you can find the Middle School Handbook (link) which has an overview of the program at the National/International level, meeting ideas, letter templates, and more.  The Middle School Program in Florida HOSA will follow the National/International HOSA Middle School Handbook and will run the same as last year (2015-2016).  Below is information to help you and your members as you prepare for competition and the various conferences.

  • Competitor Limits – Middle school members may enter one State Category event (highlighted in blue below), one International Category event (highlighted in red below), or one State Category event and one International Category event. In addition, members may enter as many Recognition Category events as they would like.
  • Advancing from the Regional Competitive Event Conferences to the State Leadership Conference – The top 5 competitors in all middle school competitive events (both State Category and International Category) can advance to compete at the State Conference.
  • Recognition Category Events – Members/Chapters in all Recognition Category events automatically advance to the State Conference.  Deadlines for Recognition Category event submissions must be met in order to be recognized at the State Conference and/or International Conference.
  • State Leadership Conference Middle School Awards Session – During the Middle School Awards Session, the top 5 winners in each of the State Category events will be called to the stage to receive medals and ribbons (1st place – gold medal, 2nd place – silver medal, 3rd place – bronze medal, 4th place – white ribbon, and 5th place – green ribbon).  This will be as far as these competitors may advance in competition.  If they are not participating in an International Category event, or did not place in the top 3 of their International Category event, they are still permitted to attend the ILC, but unable to compete.
  • Advancing to the ILC – The top 5 winners in each of the International Category events will then be called to the stage to receive medals and ribbons (1st place – gold medal, 2nd place – silver medal, 3rd place – bronze medal, 4th place – white ribbon, and 5th place – green ribbon).  The top 3 competitors from each of these events can then advance to compete at the ILC, if they choose.  If one of the top 3 winners in any of these International Category events is not able to attend the ILC, the 4th place winner then becomes eligible to compete at the ILC.  If any of the remaining top 5 winners are unable to attend the ILC in an event in which the 4th place winner has become eligible to compete, the 5th place winner then becomes eligible to compete at the ILC.


State Category Events

(may select one)

  International Category Events

(may select one)

Extemporaneous Writing

First Aid/Rescue Breathing

History, Health Science & HOSA Knowledge Test

Medical Spelling

Researched Persuasive Speaking

and/or Medical Terminology

Medical Reading

Knowledge Test: Nutrition

Knowledge Test: Health Career Exploration

Public Health

Extemporaneous Health Poster

Healthy Lifestyle

Prepared Speaking

Speaking Skills (Competitors MUST be classified under the provision of the 2004 reauthorized Individuals with Disabilities Education Act [IDEA])

Health Career Display

Health Education

Link to State Category Event Guidelines Link to Guidelines for Events listed Above

(Click on event title to download)


Recognition Category Events

Barbara James Service Award (Individual Member Event)

National Service Project (Chapter Event)

HOSA Happenings (Chapter Event)

HOSA Chapter Reflections (Chapter Event)


Link to Recognition Category Event Guidelines

(Click on event titles to download)


Florida HOSA Middle School Division 2016-2017 Competitive Events Program

National HOSA General Rules and Regulations

State Category Event Guidelines