State Officer Team


02 - Rhea Official

Rhea Pitale

State President

05 - China Official 1

China Simpo

State Northern Vice President, Postsecondary/Collegiate

03 - Jackson Official 1

Jackson Beecher

State President-Elect

06 - Elliot Official 1

Elliot Santaella

State Southern Vice-President, Secondary

04 - Anya Official 1

Anya Patidar

State Northern Vice-President, Secondary

Avery Redlich

State Parliamentarian

Would you like to become a State Officer?  Click here to download the SLC 2022 State Officer Candidate Application.  Your completed application must be submitted to the Florida HOSA State Office after January 1, 2022 and postmarked on or before February 5, 2022!

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