State Officer Team


Jackson - IMG_0568

Jackson Beecher

State President

Elliot - IMG_0551 a

Elliot Santaella Aguilar

State Northern Vice President, Postsecondary/Collegiate

Abie - IMG_0541

Abieyuwa Otote

State President-Elect

Courtney - IMG_0544

Courtney Bauer

State Southern Vice-President, Secondary

Chetana - IMG_0561

Chetana Movva

State Northern Vice-President, Secondary

Adya Gulati

State Parliamentarian

Would you like to become a State Officer?  Click here to download the SLC 2023 State Officer Candidate Application.  Your completed application must be submitted to the Florida HOSA State Office after January 1, 2023 and postmarked on or before February 4, 2023!

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