Online Conference Registration Set-up

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The Database will be sent to you the next day.
If using online testing
If not a conference, enter the date registration is closing.
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Enter N/A if fields are not applicable
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If you chose meals or t-shirts please expand below what you would like to have. EXP. Kind of meal/ Shirt sizes. Please tell us if there are any other activities that you want to list that are not here.
Please expand in this box if applicable
In this box, you can tell us which competitive events you will not be running if any.
This will limit how many competitors are allowed to enter into a single event from a single school. (Usually, 3 or 5 is a good option)
If no input is given we will default to “Yes”
Which participant types would you like?
Please tell us about the registration fee for the Competitors and Adults. What is the price? Do Advisors/Chaperones/Guests also have a fee?
Use this box to tell us anything else about the participant registration that you would like us to know.
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