FLDA 2023

November 17 - 19

The 2023 Fall Leadership Development Academy will be held November 17 – 19 at Camp Kulaqua in High SpringsThe registration fee is $125 per person. 

Please click on the boxes below for information and registration instructions.  The deadline to register on-line is October 13th.  All forms and payment must be sent to the Florida HOSA State Office with a postmark of October 16th or before. 

Schools are free to choose if they will be staying overnight during the FLDA or not.  If staying overnight, Chapter Advisors must make their own overnight reservations with Camp Kulaqua or a nearby hotel which is a separate process and charge from the conference registration fee.  Florida HOSA will not be assigning, nor taking care of, overnight accommodations.  Included below is an Overnight Accommodations document (“FLDA Info” box) with contact information for Camp Kulaqua and for two off-site major brand hotels near the camp (8 miles).  To reserve overnight accommodations at Camp Kulaqua, the Chapter Advisor will need to contact Stacy Stride, (386) 454-1351, Ext. 7954 (sdaretreats@campkulaqua.com) or use their on-line reservation page (click here for link to page).  In addition, here is a link to the different housing that is available at Camp Kulaqua (Woodland Lodge Room, Family Chalet [2 bed/2 bath], and The Ranch House), as well as the floor plan for each: (click here for link to Camp Kulaqua housing)Overnight accommodations with Camp Kulaqua must be paid after the date of Monday, October 23rd whether a school attends or not.  To not be charged, overnight accommodations with Camp Kulaqua must be cancelled before Monday, October 23rd.  If a school chooses to stay at an off-site hotel, that school is responsible for their own transportation each day. 

We hope to see you there! 

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