Ron Thomas

State Parliamentarian



Waterbury, Connecticut




January 5th


I'm big on playing basketball and rereading the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series.

Favorite Food

Cookies & Cream ice cream

Favorite Subject in School

AP Calculus

Favorite Sports Team

Boston Celtics

Pet Peeve

Being compared to other people and chewing with your mouth open

My Most Embarrassing Moment

Waving at someone that was waving to a person behind me ... I've never been humbled faster.

For 24 Hours, I Would Love to Trade Places With

Tony Stark

If I had a Million Dollars, I would

donate a third of it to UNICEF, use another third for medical research into Parkinson's and cancer, and the last third to help with college.

Greatest Personal Accomplishment

Learning how to use the integral function on my calculator (Math 9) while on a Marvel movie marathon.

Career Goals

I want to pursue a career in bioinformatics and code my own programs to help detect disease early so physicians can take the necessary steps to prevent the disease as well as they can. I also want to be an advocate for the use of technology in the medical field.

Future Discovery Anticipated Most

The cure for Parkinson's disease.

Favorite Quote

"Forget the pain, mock the pain, reduce it. And laugh." - Jim Carrey

I Love HOSA Because

of the opportunities it has provided me in terms of gaining leadership skills and meeting new friends.

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