Rishab Talwani

State President




North Liberty, Iowa




September 23rd


Playing tennis, going to the gym, and reading biographies

Favorite Food

Chipotle bowls

Favorite Subject in School

AP Chemistry

Favorite Sports Team

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Pet Peeve

Being judged for something we can't control.

My Most Embarrassing Moment

I tried talking to a person working at the gym and said, "So you work here?" That was just a terrible moment.

For 24 Hours, I Would Love to Trade Places With

Dr. Mike

If I had a Million Dollars, I would

fund my undergrad and medical school education, donate to charities, and save/invest the remaining money

Greatest Personal Accomplishment

Sticking up for myself on the path to improving myself, my self-worth, and doing better overall.

Career Goals

To become a physician and researcher, so I can put smiles on those who are vulnerable.

Future Discovery Anticipated Most

Genetic modifications and more targeted therapies for cancer.

Favorite Quote

"I will not be a victim of my genetics ... my genetics will be a victim to me!" - Tom Platz

I Love HOSA Because

it's provided an avenue for me to become more confident as a person and it embodies the concept of "change" for me.

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